Convention Countown

The latest buzz on politics' Big Show

  • The NY Daily News' Michael Goodwin says Obama is in trouble. The candidate's recent underwhelming poll numbers could be a result of Obama mania backlash, a result of him falling short of impossible-to-meet expectations. "If I were running the Obama campaign, I'd be terrified," Goodwin writes. 
  • David Freddoso writes in The Wall Street Journal that Obama is just as slimy as the next power-hungry pol. Obama won his state senate seat by disqualifying his four opponents using old-style Chicago politics: "Mr. Obama is not the reformer he now claims to be," Freddoso writes.
  • The NYT's Maureen Dowd wonders what it would be like if Hillary and McCain conspired against Obama. Ah, the possibilities. But would they really conspire over a chilled bottle Stoli? " 'Our toast to The One,'  they say in unison, 'is that he's toast,'" she writes.
  • Obama gets the P1 treatment from the Times today. The Democratic candidate -- who has said negativity will not be a part of his campaign -- has gone negative. Obama is starting an advertising campaign that will portray McCain in poor light: as out of touch with the middle class. 
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