Convention Countdown

The latest buzz on the political Big Show

  •  Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn argues that whomever wins the 'battle of the conventions' will win the election. Like a good infomercial, the conventions are well-choreographed spectacles intended to draw in swing voters, consolidate the base and outline agendas. Let the games begin.
  • Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter says that McCain's attacks go too far and these negative campaign tactics have created a "smear gap" between he and Obama.
  • The Providence Journal wonders if Clinton's repeated attempts to rally the troops behind Obama have been in vain. One-third of Hillary supporters say they will note vote for Obama -- that number has remained unchanged since June.
  • McCain has learned how to focus his campaign and stay on message during this campaign cycle. And New York Times' columnist David Brooks argues that it's working.
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