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A guide to faking it: a list of must-read articles that will wow your friends, impress your co-workers and make you seem smart.

  •  "Hacktivists" are heroes in their own right. As international cyber attacks increase these guys are conducting digital espionage -- interpreting data and more closely monitoring international web traffic and blocked sites across the globe.
  •  The famed "Alvin" sub is being deep-sixed. The submarine that discovered the sunken Titanic and helped researchers discover a new ecosystem of tube worms has now become obsolete for modern missions and is being replaced by one that can reach new -- and deeper -- depths.
  • Renewable energy hopes -- especially those involving the harnessing of wind power -- will continued to get zapped if the U.S. can't figure out a way to buck or improve its 100-year-old power grid. Currently, wind power in the U.S. could not be sustained.
  • This isn't your average cooking club. The popularity of unlicensed restaurants -- operated in homes and apartments -- is on the up-and-up and are being embraced by many as an alternative culture.  You may have a to-die-for dish at one of these underground restaurants but don't expect to see a DOH certificate anywhere in the facility.
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