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A guide to faking it: a must-read list of articles that will wow your friends, impress your co-workers and make you seem smart.

U.S. workers are getting a raw deal compared to their European counterparts, according to the WSJ. Powerful unions in the euro zone have negotiated worker raises commensurate with inflation as consumer prices rise. Here? We get close to nil.

Water, water everywhere... H2O is running out and global water consumption is doubling every 20 years. What to do when the water runs out is anyone's guess. So, drink up!

Knock-off sushi, anyone? Well, you may have to eat-in if you want to avoid el-cheapo imitations. A group of New York teens used simplified genetic fingerprinting to figure out if fish served in restaurants were mislabeled. It turns out they found one-fourth were ID'd incorrectly. Instead of sushi, some restaurants were serving up Mozambique tilapia. What did they sub for red snapper? Atlantic cod.

ESPN has signed a contract to move baseball to multiple platforms. This will enable viewers to watch highlights and live streaming games.



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