Cheat Sheet

A guide to faking it: you don't really need to be smart to wow your friends or impress your co-workers -- just read this.

The latest to suffer from a down economy? The mining industry. And it's getting far more difficult to dig for a profit. Weak commodity prices and high operating costs mean that all those billions spent on new projects will take a while to rebound.

New York architect Lebbeus Woods hasn't succumbing to designing the lucrative yet wholly uninspired luxury high-rise like so many of his contemporaries. Then again, he's too busy drafting the distorted, coldblooded worlds he's been creating for decades. His work is on display at MoMA.  

Ever since Thomas Robert Malthus warned in 1798 that food production would come screeching to a halt, he has been criticized by economists and scientists alike. But is his prediction now coming true? Food for thought.

Droughts in several states are forcing colleges to toss their cafeteria trays in order to save water. And, hey! It also helps the environment! Who knew?

A new trend in realty is emerging: the co-ho. The term, another annoying phrase adopted by real estate agents or simply pedaled by the press to describe when two friends live with one another, is short for 'communal owners' and has been on the up in the down market.

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