Bringing Up Baby

A growing number of people think John Edwards has a love child. When is he going to admit it?

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Associated Press

Having a personal scandal break into the news via the National Enquirer is a mixed blessing; it's bound to be embarrassing, but the tabloid's dodgy reputation makes it easy to not dignify any questions with a response. Former Vice Presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards should be acutely aware of this now. The National Enquirer recently revealed that he had an affair with one of his staffers, as his wife is stricken with cancer, and that he got his girlfriend Rielle Hunter pregnant. The Enquirer recently ran photos purportedly of Edwards holding his infant daughter. Edwards' silence on the matter, and the silence of his supporters, is growing deafening as the plausibility of the scandal increases. Now some officials at the Democratic National Committeeare worried that a love child scandal hovering over Edwards as he takes the podium in Denver during the Democratic National Convention will rain on Sen. Barack Obama's


nomination parade. Some party officials are considering striking Edwards from the list of scheduled speakers at the convention if he doesn't confront his personal problems immediately, when there will be at least some time for the media and the public to tire of the subject. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter is more concerned with the silence of the mainstream media, which she is convinced is engaging in a campaign of quiet regarding Edwards and any children he may or may not have fathered with a mistress.

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