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Spike Lee Won't Root for Brooklyn Nets

Those who think the famous director will ditch the Knicks for the Nets are on drugs, he says.



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    Spike Lee took to Twitter to let people know if he'll ditch the Knicks for the Nets.

    When the Nets move from Newark to Brooklyn in 2012, the borough's biggest basketball fan won't be switching his allegiance to the new team.

    "WAKE UP. WAKE UP. Good morning," Spike Lee tweeted Friday. "Anybody who thinks I'm switching to NETS when they move to Brooklyn is on CRACK, METH, and MALT LIQUOR. #1KNICKS."

    Lee's known for his loyalty to the Knicks -- he's on the sidelines for most  games at Madison Square Garden, both cheering for the home team and taunting their opponents. His taunts to Indiana Pacer Reggie Miller during the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals playoffs was even featured in the ESPN documentary, Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs the New York Knicks
    He's also famous for his Brooklyn pride. The Fort Greene native designed the logo for the Absolut Brooklyn Vodka brand and sets many of his films in his home borough.
    And the office of his production company, 40 Acres and a Mule, is just a few blocks from the new Barclay's Center, future home of the Brooklyn Nets.
    But his love of the blue and orange team runs deep, which means, if the NBA season ever starts, he won't be switching to a white, blue, and red jersey any time soon
    "I WILL NEVER DUMP DA KNICKS," he tweeted, in response to a fan mistakenly saying Lee would dumb the Knicks once the Nets came to Brooklyn.