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Bye Bye Grimaldi's?



    Right under the Brooklyn Bridge, on Old Fulton St, lies a New York Pizza institution.

    But, on Friday, the most popular pie in the city could be getting the boot. Grimaldi’s landlord, Dorothy Waxman says she’s had enough. She claims owner Frank Ciolli, owes her 44 thousand dollars in late rent, not to mention attorney’s fees. The Florida-based building owner wants the pizzeria out.  Grimaldi’s says they have the tardy money, but the landlord refuses to take it.
    Speaking on behalf of her stepfather, Gina Peluso, who manages Grimaldi’s, says, “all the money is there and everything has been paid but they’re standing on this clause for whatever reason. I’m not sure.”

    That clause which, Peluso says, reads that if you’re late, you can be evicted. At the end of the week, the decision will be in the hands of the State Supreme Court. Will the famous eatery stay or will it be evicted?

    If evicted, Grimaldi’s will move to the Manhattan location they are currently in the process of opening. People eating at the famous pizzeria say it’s great the pizza will still be around, what isn’t great is that it won’t be in Brooklyn.

    “It definitely feels like Brooklyn will lose a little flavor”, lamented Park Slope resident Christopher Clawson. He say’s ordering a pie is a weekly tradition.

    Grimaldi’s has hosted everyone from a daily line of tourists and locals that stretches down the block, to celebrities, and even First Lady Michelle Obama.

    “If they left this location it would lose its charm” Dan Butchko says as he takes a bite of the original plain pie. “People want to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and go right under [to Grimaldi’s]. It’s a whole experience. To lose the location is to lose part of what makes it so great.”

    News 4 New York reached out to both the landlord and her attorney, but neither had a comment, to which one New Yorker, Joshua Mintz, replied, “you don’t change New York, even if the rent is late.”