2 Arrested in Manhattan Dirty Diaper Attack on Woman

Police say the attackers cracked an egg over the woman's head, sprayed her with canned string and then assaulted her with the diaper

Two men are under arrest after a bizarre attack in Madison Square Park on a woman who had a dirty diaper rubbed in her face.

The NYPD said Wednesday that Juarde Benn, 20, of Brooklyn, and Saqunn Jackson, 23, of the Bronx, face a variety of charges including menacing, stalking and aggravated harassment.

According to police, a group surrounded the 33-year-old woman at noon on Sunday Jan. 10, shoved her and hit her in the head with an egg. She fled, but they followed her out of the park.

One of the assailants allegedly sprayed her with canned string, while a second hit her with a skateboard and a third attacked her with the diaper.

Police did not offer a motive for the attack, though they are still looking for more suspects.

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