Zac Posen Longs for a Decadent New York

Designer Zac Posen celebrated the launch of Z Spoke, his exclusive Saks Fifth Avenue line, on the fourth floor of Manhattan's notorious department store last night. The newest endeavor from fashion's tuxedo clad straight shooter is meant for the modern party girl-- one who can go from the office to nightclub with a touch of lipstick.

"For me, dressing day into evening is accessible throughout the whole collection. It's about the shoe, it's about lipstick, and the attitude of the clothing. I mean you can wear shorts out. I think it's all about self-creation now," Posen said.

"I'm interested in people finding what turns them on and going for it. I think that's what our culture is celebrating now with Lady Gaga and others -- it's just really cool."

Those celebrating amongst designer were Damages' Rose Byrne, Paper Magazine's Mickey Boardman and socialite Stephanie LaCava. But when it comes to "self-creation", Zac likes to stick with to the classics.

"I live in a tuxedo. I collect them. I love it -- they're my uniforms," he said. "I'd like to be in 1840 in New York, downtown, because it was a decadent age. ... I mean, I love the Four Seasons, I'm pretty classic like that."

So where can you find Posen when he's not launching a new line or longing for the days of New York yore? The Carlyle Bar, Casa Lever or Bar Masa, to name a few.


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