Your Zip Code Can Save You Money

Savvy consumers are quickly learning the benefits of posting their zip codes on certain Web sites. It's the latest way to save up to 70 percent.

For deals on meals, enter your zip code at and a list of local restaurants that offer discounts pops up. Usually, you get a gift certificate worth $25 at the restaurant for just $10. And there are more than 8,500 participating restaurants nationwide.

So why would a restaurant offer a $25 certificate for just ten bucks? It's a win-win. The consumer saves money, and the restaurant gets some business. Often, it's a way for consumers to try out new places, with the restaurant hoping that the customer will come back for another visit.

To save up to 45 percent on your weekly grocery shopping, type in your zip code at Registration is free, and the site customizes grocery specials to your local supermarket. It's a great way to narrow down the massive search for coupons. Once you see what's on sale, you can put together your shopping list, print out the coupons, and head to the market. Although it may take up to 40 minutes to scour the sales and organize your shopping, consumers who use the site say it's well worth it.

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