Celebrate Father's Day with a Viagra Seviche

Get your morning scoop on a Viagra seviche, a slam dunk contest, a strip club's legal problems and Gawker's problem with toilet seats in today's local blog round-up.

  • The Hudson River Cafe in Harlem wants to stand your dad up tall and mighty this Father's Day with its "Viagra seviche," a dish of squid, crab, lobster and ink that includes a T-bone and drink of Johnnie Walker Blue.  [Uptown Flavor]
  • Think you got skills, b-ball players? The NBA wants you to come down to the South Street Seaport this Saturday at 2 p.m. for a dunk contest; it's your chance to let your inner Kobe fly.  [MetBlogs]
  • Scandals, an LIC strip club that's fighting its right to party in city court, thinks those new condo-dwelling neighbors are the ones to blame for a new-found Department of Buildings obsession.  [The Real Deal]
  • Gawker Media's toilet seats are so dude-friendly that the Manhattan media gossip blog's toilet authorities had to put up a sign asking employees to "aim a little better," or at least take a wipe to the porcelain.  [Young Manhattanite]
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