Mark Ronson Shares Stage With Yoko Ono at BAM

Music industry heavyweights joined Yoko Ono on stage at BAM last night for an evening that included performances by Eric Clapton, members of Sonic Youth, the Scissor Sisters, Bette Midler and Mark Ronson.

The We Are Plastic Ono Band show Tuesday night drew many of Ono's close friends and her son Sean Lennon, who offered the crowd sunny anecdotes about the performers like the time Clapton showed him how to play "Yer Blues" in the style of his father, John Lennon.

Ono noted that the onstage reunion is the first time that she, Clapton and Beatles collaborator Klaus Voormann had performed together in 40 years.

Bette Midler and Ono heartily embraced when the legendary singer delivered a saucy version of Ono’s song, “Yes, I’m Your Angel,” which Ono said she wrote to ease John Lennon’s fears about turning 40. Ono also embraced Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon after their screeching experimental collaboration “Mulberry,” with the short film "The Fly" directed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono serving as the backdrop.

Mark Ronson, Scissor Sisters and Justin Bond also performed during the event. However, it was the intimate nature of the show, where pop music luminaries showed up to support their old friend, which made the night unique.

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