Yohji Yamamoto Store-Closing Epidemic Spans the Globe

After Racked broke the news of the shuttering of Yohji Yamamoto's two NYC stores on the heels of its bankruptcy filing, it's coming out that his stores are closing in Europe, too. Unfortunately, the news isn't entirely a surprise.

Yamamoto closed his U.S. press office last year and even filed for bankruptcy protection in October, but it seemed he'd found a savior in the form of Japanese private equity firlm Integral Corp. The chatter around the fate of Yohji Yamamoto has reached a fever pitch as word spreads that the designer will close down shops in Antwerp and the new flagship on Rue Cambon in Paris.  No word on the London store, but the same sources are speculating the smaller Paris store will likely stay open and the Tokyo store is most probably not going anywhere.  Apparently, the massive scale-back has been in the works at the company for some time now, despite the suddenness with which shoppers met the news.

Racked provides a nice eulogy of the former Gansevoort store here.

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