Yes, Even Ralph Lauren is Cutting Back

The retail giant slashes prices by up to 40% in stores across the city.

This just in from the folks at Fashionista: If you've stopped in a Ralph Lauren store recently and noticed that the prices seem to be a tad lower than you're used to (aren't we all? That satin gown you wore to last week's charity ball was the bee's knees), you're not alone. Apparently, the brick-and-mortar Ralph Laurens of the city have been marking all of their fall wares down 40 percent on the sly.

Can it be that the recession has actually hit the doorsteps of one of the biggest retail goliaths in the country? Considering Ralph Lauren's country club aesthetic—you know: tweed, blazers, jodhpurs, the like—it's stands to reason that the label would choose not to be vocal about something as middle-class as discounting the brand. But their loss is your gain: The Choosy Beggar even has even compiled a list of all the stores in the city for your perusal.

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