World’s Tallest Building Imagined in Manhattan

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The hateful and anti-Semitic Topekan Church that Shall Not Be Named is planning to protest a Park Slope Synagogue on Saturday. [OTBKB]

Property owners along the Gowanus Canal have 60 days to clean up their lots before getting fined by Riverkeeper. [Gothamist]

New York transit cops should take a look at this video, which depicts members of the Sacramento Police Department cracking down on drivers ignoring the rules of a crosswalk. [Streets Blog]

Curbed gets an update on a building known not-so-lovingly as the Finger. [Curbed]

Norman Siegel appears to have helped a YouTuber get her account reinstated. [Queens Crap]

Photos of Miracle Flight 1549 will be on display in a Williamsburg art gallery through October 11th. [NY Daily News]

Here's what the world's tallest building would look like if it had been built in Manhattan. [BuzzFeed]

A slideshow of the techy oddities on display at the Gizmodo Gallery this week. [Gadgetwise]

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