WORKOUT MYTH: The Case of the Can’ts

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When you're recovering from an injury, you may be hesitant to dive back into physical activity, especially if that's what got you hurt in the first place. But if you tell yourself you "can't" and you never begin the journey back to physical fitness, you're only putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Tiffany Boucher, a personal trainer at the West Village Equinox, says it's an issue that comes up with potential clients: "A lot of individuals have had prior injuries or physical issues and ailments they've been dealing with for years and have never resolved on their own," she said. "[So they think] if they haven't been able to fix the problem, why should a trainer be able to?"

But a trainer, in fact, is actually the best person to guide you back into working out after an injury. Take some time to find an educated, qualified trainer who is highly familiar with certain injuries, issues and rehabilitation, and whose job it is to help remedy those problems.

"Whether the client has knee issues or back issues or whatever, it is usually attributable to weaknesses or tightness in other areas, and through proper strength training and correcting those imbalances, the clients are able to do exercises and activities that were previously painful or impossible," said Boucher. "So stop saying 'can't' and just ask, 'how?'"

What injury have you overcome to return to exercise? How did you do it?

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