Witness Claims Man In Shia LaBeouf Crash Told Actor To Flee Scene

An eyewitness has come forward with new details surrounding Shia LaBeouf’s car crash on Sunday, including allegations that at least one person suggested the actor leave the scene of the incident.

Brian Perrulli was heading home from work in the early hours of Sunday morning, when he came across the accident, which occurred at the intersection of Fountain and La Brea in Los Angeles. After pulling over to try and help out, Perrulli said he overheard a man, who had been in the vehicle LaBeouf hit, telling the actor to flee the accident scene.

“Shia was tending to the other people in the car, signing over information, like insurance and stuff and basically, I overheard the guy tell him, ‘You should just get out of here and go,’ and Shia said, ‘Nah man. I gotta deal with this. My license plate, it’s my car. I don’t wanna go, I gotta deal with this.’”

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As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, LaBeouf collided with another vehicle as he attempted to make a left hand turn in Hollywood in the early hours of Sunday morning. The green Ford truck LaBeouf and his female passenger were driving in flipped over.

LaBeouf, his passenger and a woman from the other vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment following the crash. While the two women were released, LaBeouf required surgery on his left hand. He was also cited, arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and released while at the hospital by the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department.

Perrulli claims he heard the man from the other vehicle, who has not yet been identified, say he would cover for the star.

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“The guy Shia hit told him, ‘You should get outta here,’ and ‘I never saw you.’ He said, ‘I never saw you,’ and Shia said, ‘No, man, I gotta stay here and deal with this. It’s my problem,” Perrulli said.

While LaBeouf is due to head to court to face drunk driving charges, Perrulli said the actor did not seem intoxicated.

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