With Friends Like These: Restaurateurs Raise Money for Burned-Out Brooklyn Star

What does that mean for you? Some of the best smoked meats, whiskey and desert in town.

It's hard enough running a successful restaurant these days. Imagine trying to do it without having something essential, like say, a kitchen.

Obviously, that is not possible. Which is why The Brooklyn Star -- after its kitchen went up in flames last month (thanks no doubt in part to their 100-year-old wood-burning stove) has been shuddered, anxiously awaiting fire insurance to pull its head out of the ash.

In the meantime, friends of  the Star's owner, Joaquin Baca -- David Chang's former chef and partner of the Momo empire -- is hosting The Brooklyn Star Hootenanny fundraiser on Friday, March 26 to help the Williamsburg newcomer re-open for business. (It's no Tony Soprano to the rescue, but considering the lineup, it's pretty good.)

The Meat Hook, Tom Mylan's butcher shop, is providing both the space and the charcuterie, while the Star's staff will cook up some of their own menu items like shrimp and grits and brisket. Thirsty? Not to worry. Brooklyn Brewery, Wilfie and Nell (where Baca helped plan the menu) and Whiskey Town are bringing all the refreshment you need on a Friday night: Beer and whiskey. For those craving a little crack, crack pie that is, Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar's Christina Tosi is bringing her signature sweet-meets-savory goods.

And because no hootenanny would be complete without a little entertainment, there will be an oyster shucking and a hot dog eating contest and -- bet you didn't see this one coming -- a 350-gallon dunk tank. Huh.

Baca,  a child of Texas ranchers, opened The Brooklyn Star last year and his menu, an homage to his childhood fare,  was met with praise by hipsters and foodies alike. Because you can't go wrong by putting bacon on everything.

So please, buy your tickets now so we can all get back to eating bacon-wrapped meatloaf and fried pig tails.

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