Williamsburg: Dead or Alive?

Brooklyn is dead, and you have killed it. But Cat Power resurrected the Burg for one night

The classic NYC parlor game, Neighborhood Dead or Alive (because real estate is our Hollywood), went into overdrive after Cat Power (who plays the Apollo in February) showed up to play a surprise gig at Union Pool, a shoe box with a stage in Williamsburg,  last night. At a release party for a true-crime murder-mystery set in Kentucky, no less. Well, it all sounds like one of the stories you'd heard some grousing and graying hipster recount about those days when Brooklyn used to be cool, man, when he could still fit into his skinny jeans and before the hoards of people who looked just like, well, like him moved in and ruined it. The Observer took the opportunity to point out that everyone knows  "Brooklyn is dead--especially Williamsburg," and even added " but especially everything surrounding the first two L-train stops."

Why so hard on the poor Bedford and Lorimer stops? Williamsburg has been DOA (but not really) to many concerned with such things for quite some time now, but maybe it was buried when Peaches Geldof moved there. All of which doesn't change the fact that it's about as dead as the Hamptons. Which is to say not at all, but it makes a perennially healthy headline.

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