Will New Logo Overcome Killer Cranes, 3AM Pile Drivers, Etc.?

Meet the new Department of Buildings. It's got a new Head Person in Charge, a no cheating on crane operator exam policy and, now, a new, spiffy logo (the one on the left) to go along with the new dedication to keeping us from being slaughtered by building projects. A secret source says department had actually asked for a budget increase so it could hire even more inspectors to, you know, inspect things, but that City Hall figured the logo would make people think it was a new agency with more people. We also hear there's going to a contest to rename the department as something that makes people feel safe. We believe that the Department of It's Okay is in the running, although the Dept. of Finance may covet that name. The second and third choices may be Department of Never Mind the Past and the Department of Forgive and Forget.
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