Why the Landmarks Commission Sucks Per the NYT: We were in a coma and/or…

We were in a coma and/or stupor last week when the Times published an editorial pretty much rhetorically burning the Landmarks Preservation Commission at the stake. It called the LPC "a bureaucratic black hole, the place where requests for evaluation — the formal nominations of buildings or districts to be landmarked — go to get filed and forgotten." Then it continued, "There are hundreds of requests from all across the city waiting to be acted upon. Some have been held up for years. Moving as slowly as it does — and nearly always without public hearings — the landmarking process is routinely outflanked by developers. What is clearly missing is the political will needed for the landmarks commission to do its job." Burn, LPC. Burn! [NYT]For more stories from Curbed, go to curbed.com.

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