Whisked Into Williamsburg

The new kitchen and table top-store Whisk has been unveiled at N 4 and Bedford in Williamsburg. The family-owned shop has an eclectic hand-picked selection and the digs to match. The hedges that once shaded the entrance of 231 Bedford, formerly a private residence, are down and the stone facade revealed.

After a preview opening on Thursday and a day off for Thanksgiving, the doors are now open. The connection to UVA up the block, whose solid wine selection never ceases to surprise, bodes well for kitchenware hunters who might be looking for something a little more special than what they can pick up at Williams-Sonama.

After the orgy that is Thanksgiving dinner, cooking might be the last thing you're thinking about (or maybe you went somewhere else and your kitchen sits spotless). In the case of the former, a visit to Whisk may inspire you, like a beaten Rocky looking for a rematch, to rise again and grab the wooden spoon. In the case of the latter ... well you have no excuse.

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