Where to Drink: The Discriminating Imbiber's Handbook

Warren 77 isn’t the only recently opened bar worth checking out. Indeed, you’ll find a whole slew of them inNew York’s Where to Drink Now package — from City Island standbys to Bay Ridge dance destinations, to (yes, yes) speakeasies. In addition to a rundown of bars for every occasion, there are six pub crawls you’ve probably never done. Our food critics pick their favorite cocktails, while our intrepid reporters glean insider wisdom from bartenders, a bouncer, and even the city’s premier Big Buck Hunter player. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld point to bar snacks that would be delicious even if served with water, and Amos Barshad gulps down some margaritas, breathalyzer in hand, to determine their level of toxicity. And finally, for the sake of sobering up, we crunch the numbers to determine just what it takes to keep a watering hole above water.

Where to Drink: 2009 [NYM]

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