What You're Doing Tonight, 6/19

Bebel Gilberto sways, Daryl Hannah swims, and gamers compete for the Pac-Man crown

TO SCALE: Darryl Hannah is half woman, half fish, and Tom Hanks is deep in the tank for her ethereal mermaid charms. Ron Howard’s 1984 confection Splash screens at midnight at the Sunshine; you should still be able to get plenty of beauty sleep before Saturday’s not-coincidental Mermaid Parade.

THE GIRL FROM…: Bebel Gilberto – daughter of guitarist João – is just the kind of lithe performer who gives Brazil its reputation for being a place where tan, sexy ladies sing hushed bossa nova in your ear while you sip cachaca over ice. She’ll be at Town Hall at 8PM doing exactly that (minus the cachaca).

VID VICIOUS: Whether you have mad Pac-Man skills or somehow get into Pac-Man as a spectator sport, don’t miss the (very serious indeed) Uniqlo Pac-Man Challenge Finals. Teams who’ve worked towards this day will face off for the crown, but there’ll be friendly walk-in competitions, too – and yes, it all goes down at the Uniqlo store on Broadway in SoHo. 4-8PM.

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