What You're Doing Tonight, 4/10

Revisit The City of Lost Children, get mellow with Kris Kristofferson, and rock out, nu-Jersey style

NIGHT AND 'THE CITY': A mad scientist kidnaps children to steal their dreams in Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's darkly whimsical City of Lost Children. Jeunet's style -- debuted earlier with Delicatessen, honed later with Amelie, is in full flower in this 1995 classic. Sunshine Theater, 12AM.

HIGHWAYMAN: Some nights you want to hear some music that makes you feel like you're at a truck stop in 1979 (or is that just us?). So naturally, we're pretty psyched about Kris "Me and Bobby McGee" Kristofferson's show at The Society for Ethical Culture tonight. 8PM.

WHERE & WREN: Culty New Jersey band of outsiders The Wrens have been playing their fuzzy, intricate prog rock since the '80s now. They'll be at Brooklyn's Bell House at 8PM.

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