What You're Doing Tonight, 3/19

The Mac are back, the Roots are planted, and bookish New York fetes John Updike

STAND BACK: Nostalgia rules at the Garden tonight, as Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed Tour comes to town. We're counting on witchy woman Stevie Nicks to be in top form. We want tambourines! We want twirling! 8PM

UPROOTED: Now that The Roots are Jimmy Fallon's house band, they get bussed from Philly to NYC every day -- and play the Highline, like, every week. Still, if you haven't seen them live in a while (or ever), go and soak up the grooves. 10:30PM

DEAR JOHN: For A Tribute to John Updike, a who's who of NYC literati -- from Lorrie Moore to David Remnick to Adam Gopnik -- will gather at the Public Library to pay homage to the (recently) late, (truly) great American scribe. 7PM.

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