What You're Doing Tonight: 1/9

Sing along with 'Labyrinth,' be moved by a classic French film, and hear Mos Def's new tracks before everyone else

HEAVY: When Mos Def books a gig, you don't ask questions -- you just open your wallet. The Hypnotic Brass aren't joining him at the Highline Ballroom, but you can be among the first to hear music from his upcoming album The Ecstatic. 9PM.

CRYSTAL BALLS: We can hardly contain our excitement at the idea of a singalong event - a la Rocky Horror - devised around the movie Labyrinth. So what if the movie's not that good? Marvel at David Bowie's Tina Turner wig! Coo at Jennifer Connelly, whose Oscar-winning future could never be gleaned from this performance! And most especially, drink beer while singing along with some Muppets. 92Y Tribeca, 11PM.

CLASSIQUE: Non, ze candlesticks don't speak wiz zee funny accents in Jean Cocteau's 1946 masterpiece Beauty and the Beast, with Jean Marais in the role that really put him on the cinemap -- and that may be all the more reason to see it. Anthology Film Archives, 7, 9PM.

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