What You're Doing Today: Inauguration Special!

Will Ferrell brings Dubya back, last chance to see presidential swag through the years, plus inauguration night parties near you

STRATEGERY: Will Ferrell's wheeling out his killer Dubya impression for one last wheezing go-around with You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush, which opens in previews tonight at the Cort Theater. 8PM.

SWAG THE DOG: Today's the last day to check out the excellent, ultra-bizarre exhibit "If Elected: The game of American Politics" at the New-York Historical Society, which basically consists of all the crazy promo merch (buttons! more buttons!) presidents cranked out to get themselves elected before TV and blogs were the cornerstone of campaigns. 10AM to 6PM.

WALKING HISTORY: Visit Alexander Hamilton's grave, note that "Washington slept here," and generally bone up on your lower Manhattan presidential knowledge with Revolutionary New York: A Special Inauguration Day Tour, which kicks off in City Hall Park at 1PM.

PLUS: Don't miss our full list of Inauguration Night Parties.

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