Harry Potter + Guitars = NYC Wizard Rock Festival

NYC Wizard Rock Festival

Some people like Harry Potter. Some people thought nothing of lining up at midnight to buy the latest Harry Potter Book or see the Harry Potter movie. But some people are so hardcore about Harry Potter, they need to convey their devotion in music and start a band to do just that. On Sunday, the Music Hall of Williamsburg hosts the NYC Wizard Rock Festival, featuring 15 bands and solo outfits set to rock out—sorry, wrock out—in the name of the boy wizard.

But it's not enough to just, say, write three chords about Quidditch. The genre has rules. So what, exactly, is Wizard Rock? The HuffPo defines it: 

The genre of "Wizard Rock" is taken quite seriously by these folks and is loosely described as music and lyrics from the point of view of the character or object from which the band gets its name. To get a sense of this weekend's entertainment, bands like "Draco and the Malfoys," "The Remus Lupins," and "The Whomping Willows" will be performing. For more information on the world of "Wiz Rock" check out the Wizrocklopedia.

But wait! There’s video!


NYC Wizard Rock Festival, Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; $20 advance, $25 doors.


What I'm listening to: When Did You Leave Heaven--Lisa Ekdahl

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