What Does Michelle Obama Eat for Breakfast?

While at the conference in Washington, D.C. last week for the unveiling of the USDA food plate, the nutrition editor for EatingWell Magazine managed to snag a moment with the First Lady herself.

Brierly Wright, M.S., R.D., used the opportunity to inquire about Mrs. Obama's own breakfast that day (come on, you were curious, too). So what did the nation's public anti-obesity advocate have on her own plate?

Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and fresh grapefruit.

"Delicious, healthy, and nearly in line with MyPlate," concluded Wright. "She was missing her grains and dairy. She fell short on her vegetables, too, though if she doubled up on her fruit servings that would have counted as a sufficient substitution for a vegetable serving."

Wright willingly offered up her own morning meal for scrutiny, too: "My typical weekday meal includes: oatmeal (made with water) with fresh or frozen fruit mixed in (whatever's on sale that week) and a dash of maple syrup; plus, two cups of coffee with skim milk." 

She also surveyed a few other nutritionists to take a look at their plates.

What do you enjoy for breakfast on a typical weekday? Has the new food plate recommendations prompted you to make changes?

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