What Do Absinthe, Fur, and Cuba Have in Common?

They're all forbidden pleasures. Manhattan User's Guide lists the best law-skirting fun in NYC (and beyond).

We're all for the pursuit of a little vice. History's full of artists, philosophers, and other greats who had plenty of vices to fuel their fire (right, Michael Phelps?).

Because you can barely dance in New York City anymore (damn you, cabaret law!), today's edition of Manhattan User's Guide lists a host of forbidden pleasures you can still seek out -- from pre-1915 absinthe to banned books, and the mile-high club to gourmet hemp treats -- in the five boroughs (and beyond -- Cuba, anyone?). Not that we'd ever recommend you do so, or endorse the enjoyment of same.

Check out MUG's Forbidden Pleasures here.

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