West Village Hoop Dreams Take $5 Million Tumble

Was: $25 million
Now: $19.95 million
You Save!: $5.05 million!

The fame-hungry Novogratz clan listed their latest funky creation, the 22-foot-wide townhouse at 400 West Street, for an eye-popping $25 million last summer. That set off quite the discussion about this 5BR, 4.5BA home, which features—among a zillion interesting details—a faux-wood facade painted by artist Richard Woods, furnishings by Zaha Hadid, a glass garage door that leads to a concrete terrace and (in typical Novogratz style) a basketball court that converts to a movie theater. You know, the usual. Those who thought the ~$3,400-per-square-foot price came in a wee bit high were right: The house just took a 20% chop. Hey, doesn't Conan need a new place?


Floorplan looks a bit different from this property used to look, eh?

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