West Village Boutique Claudine is Moving

Beloved West Village boutiques, Albertine and Claudine are in the process of some big changes: Albertine, the adorable enclave that carries some of our favorite lines such as Mociun, Sunshine and Shadow and Sir will share retail space with sister store, Claudine.  The consolidation comes with good news: next door to Albertine owner Kyung Lee is opening a new concept store that will include accessories and housewares, (mostly vintage items) of the make-my-apartment-so-much-cooler variety. 

Although the new store will not open it's doors until September, clearly they've made significant progress.  Already merchandising the new space, we're thinking it will maintain the same dedication to scouting out under represented brands, as well as stocking the various vintage items Lee has obtained through the years.

Bonus: major moving sale going on at Claudine on Sretsis, Lyell and Lover while they lighten their load before the move.  Hit it up before September 1st.

Albertine is located at 13 Christopher St.

Claudine is located at 19 Christopher St.

Both are between Greenwich Avenue and Waverly Place

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