We're Loving: Spring 2010 Lanvin Sneakers

The newly revealed Spring 2010 Lanvin sneakers kick it with cute sophistication, adding new fabrics and styles to the mix - wonder if Mrs. Obama will pick up another pair?

First Lady Michelle Obama created quite a stir (not that the rest of her outfit choices ever don't) when she volunteered at a soup kitchen in $540 hot-as-heck Lanvin sneakers back in April.  It's true, the price tag seemed a little over-the-top for the average gal in terms of sneakers, but they are pretty exquisite.

MObama rocked the patent metallic-toe low-tops by Lanvin last year, and this year, she'll have a wider selection from which to choose.  There's a high-top in glossy floral, natural textured lace-ups and more metallic accents in lots of new colors. 

For those with money to burn, Colette and Snobette have 'em here and here.

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