We're Loving: Knapsacks!

It's been a few (just a few!) years since we were full-time students, but there's something about the prospect of Autumn that gets us in the back-to-school spirit.  Gone are the days of our youth, however, when tacky kid's-play backpacks ruled.  This season, there's a crop of supremely chic knapsacks for those of us just fresh out of school. 

We're not talking the mom-friendly, slightly scary mini backpack circa the early 90s.  The newest generation of fashion-forward backpacks (which coincide with fashion's other youthful trend, the bicycle) come in tight, efficient shapes and snappy colors and, pleasantly, are for the most part quite affordable. 

Our favorites (which range in price between $40-$128) include the wildly popular Swedish expatriate,Fjallraven Kanken Backpack, for its scandinavian rusticism and gently utilitarian feel; the kidrobot Slim Pack Tag Team Edition, emblazoned with artist Tristan Easton's Tag Team Dunny on its gray microfiber exterior and three surprise toys on the inside (!); and the brilliantly designed JanSport Heritage Wayback from the brand's original 1960s collection that somehow masters the current moment and struck the fancy of The New York Times, thankyouverymuch. 

Perhaps we should consider these bags the daytime translation of the significant shoulder for fall, but either way, the style has aged perfectly. 

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