We're Loving: Eek! by Eugenia Kim

Beloved hatmaker Eugenia Kim launched her new line for Urban Outfitters today, endearingly called "Eek!" The designer's signature chic cloche styles are available, as are a few interesting takes on the latest headband trend.

Of course, the fans will be most eager to get their hands on the more traditional offerings -- a simple brown cloche with a leopard-print band, a sporty gray riding cap -- though we're definitely intrigued by some of the less conventional fare. Specifically, a simple gray-and-navy headband with a flat bow would be such a retro, ladylike touch on a cocktail dress. And this orchid-shaped hair clip has this great whimsical quality, especially with the subtle silver chain dripping off it. Best of all, the entire collection for Urban Outfitters spans a perfectly affordable range of $28 - $48.

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