Week in Review: Day the Real Estate Boom Died, New WTC Timeline, Up on the Edge, Chupster Losing Its Pink, More

And, now, as you settle into your Saturday routine, check out some of the top items on Curbed this past week.

1) Everywhere: It was the week the real estate boom was officially declared dead and, of course, the Day of the Dead with market reports thrown in for good measure.

2) WTC: Yes, friends, we have a new, detailed time line for the WTC site. For now.

3) Williamsburg: The world is looking pretty nice from up on the 17th floor of the Edge, fast rising on the shore of the East River.

4) Chelsea: The bitter battle has ended with Chelsea Enclave, the luxury condo building on the grounds of the neighborhood's historic Seminary, kicking off sales and marketing.

5) West Village: CHUPI REMAINS IN CRISIS. The pictures of the de-pinkification prove the point. Hang in there Chupster and don't break our hearts.

6) Dumbo: In case anyone wasn't sure, our old friend Dumbo is the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn.
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