Week in Review: Top Stories on Go Healthy New York (May 13-19, 2011)

Melissa Davison

Here's a roundup of the top stories on Go Healthy New York for the week of May 13 to May 19:

  1. "Great American Health Challenge" Behind the Scenes
  2. Dori's Quest: Bassett's Bootcamp at Pure Yoga
  3. A Healthy Pause: The Myth of the Celebrity Diet
  4. FITiST Launch Event: Group Chat Review
  5. PHOTOS: Bari Studio (TriBeCa)
  6. Warrior Tip of the Week: Running
  7. Yoga Stretches for Back Strength and Relaxation
  8. New Yoga Studio for Plus-Size Clientele in Union Square
  9. How Many Calories Are You Burning on Your Commute?
  10. Ballet Workouts Booming in New York City
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