Week Ahead in NY Music: March 4 to March 10

Monday, March 4, D'Angelo, ?uestlove at Brooklyn Bowl, Your Immortal Soul

This was one of those concert bills we had to double-check was real. But yep, somehow ?uestlove has convinced D'Angelo to appear at Brooklyn Bowl. This will only be D's second U.S. show in more than a decade. D'Angelo had a hard time dealing with the success of his 2000 breakout album Voodoo, but is reportedly feeling better and putting the finishing touches on a new album. Hey, if My Bloody Valentine can release an amazing album more than twenty years after Loveless, then anything is possible. Brooklyn Bowl is still an unexpected place for this titan's comeback to start, but ?uestlove has gone on record as saying this is the best fried chicken in town, so that probably plays a part. This show is crazy sold out but where there's an internet there's a way.

Thursday, March 7, The Men, Nude Beach, Parquet Courts at Bowery Ballroom,$10

Okay, we'll go ahead and admit that there was never a possibility that we wouldn't instantly love Parquet Courts. If you want to make nerdy music critics just fall for you from the jump, there are worse ways than combining the off-handed lyrical sensibility of Pavement, the drive of The Strokes and the loopy hooks of Jonathan Richman. Seriously, it's not even fair. We don't have a choice. Just check out Light Up Gold and see how stacked against us this deck was. Also check out New Moon, from this show's headliners The Men. They've added more classic rock hooks and even -- gasp! -- a few piano ballads to their already encyclopedic arsenal (from Jesus Lizard sludge to Jesus And Mary Chain goth-country sparkle, The Men will service all your needs), but don't accuse them of mellowing out unless you want a boot to the head. 

Friday, March 8, Veronica Falls, Cold Showers, Juan Wauters, $15

Veronica Falls' Waiting For Something To Happen is a great album, but let's focus on the song "Teenage." In it, our narrator drives around aimlessly at  night with some shmuck that would like to get with her. This won't happen. But she lets him pick the music, and he picks some sad songs that make him feel better before she drops him home. Veronica Falls know that sometimes nothing makes you feel happier than painfully wistful songs filled with sweet melodies and just the right amount of too much reverb. Waiting has a lot of those songs. 

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