Week Ahead in New York Music: October 9 to October 14

IMG_1374_2_2Morrissey 722
Dan Chusid

Waka Flocka Flame, October 9 at Irving Plaza, $41.50

Waka Flocka Flame might not be the most talented wordsmith or the most nimble spitter in the rap game, but he's currently the absolute king of yelling at you. Seriously, turn up the the new mixtape Salute Me Or Shoot Me 4, and within a few songs you'll become deeply concerned that Mr. Flame is upset with you. There is value to this. Surely no one this decade has more consistently made anthems that are better suited to make you say "fine, I'll go to the gym" and surely no one at Irving Plazawould dare think they could get away with not waving their hands with 100% dedication at this stop. It should be a sight to see. -Michael Tedder

SBTRKT, Kilo Kush, Koreless, October 11 at Terminal 5, $32

Dubstep went from a promising, forward-thinking subgenre to beer commercial fodder in record time, but there's still some true believers out there, and few mix the menace with the wobble quite like the mysterious man known as SBTRKT. His old cohort Jessie Ware is probably too busy being a 2012 breakout star to come along for this current trek, though we don't really know for sure just who is behind that tribal mask, now do we? -Michael Tedder

Morrissey, Kristeen Young, October 10 at Radio City Music Hall ($45), October 13 at Terminal 5 ($75)

Morrissey is the greatest singer in the history of recorded human time. This is not up for debate. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" is the sort of song that over-excitable music nerds dance to at their wedding. Ahem. But if for some reason you are on the fence about attending the event, let's just say that if you've never seen grown mean fight each other for the right to throw roses at Morrissey, and then straight up shriek when he takes his shirt off…well, you owe it to yourself. -Michael Tedder

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