Week Ahead in New York Music: Sept. 4 to Sept. 9

chairlift music

Chairlift at September 6 at Prada, Free (Fashion Night Out)
Apparently Chairlift will play New York every two weeks if that is what it takes to get every man, woman and child in their hometown to love them and purchase their new album Something. So people, if they are going to work this hard and go out of their way to play free shows (like the one they're playing this Thursday for Fashion's Night Out so you can see whether Something is a thing you might like.) But don't bother if you're just going to take pictures of yourself with your cell phone and talk to your friends. This was the case at another recent free Chairlift show. It was lame. They deserve better. They also deserve for "I Belong In Your Arms to be a smash hit, but they at least deserve to play in front of people who have a vague idea of how to act in a concert setting. (Note, at the very least it involves looking at the stage.) -Michael Tedder

Bob Mould, September 7 at Williamsburg Park, Free  (Highline)
For the record, Bob Mould has never made a bad record, though he hasn't always made the record you've wanted him to make. In the past 10 years he's made an electronic album that was interesting, if never fully involving. He's also made two albums (District Line and Life And Times) that were melodic, introspective and worth your time. But he hasn't set your ears on fire with that ecstatic guitar squall of his in a while. Well, his new one The Silver Age is beautiful and fiery as the sun coming up on the cover of New Day Rising. He'll be playing it in it's entirety at Williamsburg Park this Friday. He'll also play all of Sugar's noise-pop masterpiece Copper Blue and lots of other alt-rock standards, and it will be free, and then later he will DJ at the Highline if you still have energy, because Mould doesn't have anything to prove but wants to make you happy anyway. -MT

Rustie and Brenmar, September 7 at Webster Hall, $15
Glasgow's favorite insanozoid electronic producer is actually playing twice this weekend—he's over at PS1 on Saturday, if you're interested—but it's this bill, a double date with local bass hero Brenmar, that's really got us ready to strap on our dancing shoes. Though they're from completely different continents, the two have styles that are wildly complementary and this is more than definitely going to be one of the most ratchet shows all month. The two each crank out the sort of post-post-crunk bangers that sound like the soundtrack to a particularly fun party on Mars, so it's a treat that they'll be touching down to earth to bless us this weekend. -Drew Millard

Gogol Bordello, The Descendents, Hot Water Music, The Bronx, The Menzingers, Screaming Females and Larry and His Flask, September 8 at Williamsburg Park, $42.50
Well, yes, punk is about smashing capitalism with a giant guitar, so you might balk at the prospect of paying nearly $50 of your hard-earned scratch to see The Descendents and the rest of the Riot Fest bill, but have you heard their album Milo Goes To College? The So-Cal punk band basically invented pop-punk, and in this case the first to ever do it are still the best. They've got a fascinating history. Not only did lead singer Milo Aukerman go to college, but he ended up getting a doctorate in biochemistry, and drummer Bill Stevenson put in time at Black Flag State (okay, he just drummed in Black Flag). They'll be joined by the always entertaining Gogol Bordello, as well as Jersey's Screaming Females, so you might as well just suck it up and pay your dues. -DM

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