Week Ahead in New York Music: September 24 to September 30

Music Jay-Z Festival

Snoop Dogg, September 27 at Wellmont Theatre, $35
If a $70 Jay-Z show at Barclays is a bit rich for your blood, you could do a heck of a lot worse to check out Snoop Dogg instead. We wouldn't normally suggest hoofing it all the way out to Montclair for a show, but it's Big Uncle Snoop! Though he lacks the critical respect of Jay, what's fun about Mr. Dogg is unlike the austere businessman Jay-Z's molded himself into, he doesn't mind having a bit of fun with himself. He's slowly turning into the rap game's Tom Petty, a solid performer who can crank out the hits like nobody's business. - Drew Millard

Jay-Z, September 29-October 6 at Barclays Center, $70.85

Most musicians play shows because they have a new album to promote. Jay-Z is doing an eight-night stand to promote a new arena that he is a partner in. Jay-Z is different. He is also one hell of a live performer. Hov makes thousands of people put their Roc Signs up like it's just item seven in his daily planner. And who needs new joints when you know he's going to do "Encore," anyway? There's also a good chance there will be some special guests at these shows, as Jay-Z is somewhat well-connected, if a bit shy about it. -Michael Tedder

The Corin Tucker Band, September 29 at The Bell House, $15

Corin Tucker's is aware that you thought her compassionate, introspective solo debut 1,000 Years was a sign that she had mellowed in her old age. On her follow-up Kill My Blues, Tucker is back to doing that thing that she did so well in Sleater-Kinney. Namely, grabbing you by the throat with her voice and forcing you against the wall and stabbing you in the heart (again, with her voice. This is all a metaphor) until you feel something. Throat grabbing and heart-stabbing is the primary focus of her stop at The Bell House this Saturday. Only the strong need show up. -MT

Minus the Bear, September 29 at Best Buy Theater
"Math Rock" as an idea has never been cool. Minus the Bear has consistently been the best at doing said uncool math rock, with their swirling guitars and esoteric, Starship Troopers-quoting lyrics helping them create Highly Refined Pirates, one of the best but still underrated albums of the early 2000's. Pitchfork might have hated it, but there's no denying those guitar lines, which can get Fugaziesque in their attack-and-release patterns. So go be uncool on the 29th. You won't regret it. -DM 

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