Week Ahead in New York Music: Nov. 26 To Dec. 2

Delta Spirit, JEFF The Brotherhood, FIDLAR, Nov. 27 at Irving Plaza, $25

JEFF The Brotherhood are the most sincere band to ever go out of their way to sound like something the kids in "Dazed And Confused" would listen to. It might be bonged-up low rider music, but it is bonged-up low rider music done without irony, and a great deal more speed. Opening up this night is FIDLAR, a band whose name more or less means "F It Dawg, Life's A Risk." They write raucous songs about cheap beer. The irony level is tough to parse here, though it's clear that they do in fact like cheap beer. Delta Spirit are fine and all, but make sure to get to this thing early for the real action. 

Tanlines, Nov. 29 at Webster Hall, $16

Tanlines' debut album Mixed Emotions was one of the hottest dance albums of the summer. Remember summer? Remember when it was warm and you had the energy to dance to sugary music that made you feel like you were halfway between a loft party and some exotic island where everyone is beautiful and no one eats? Well, if you need to recapture that feeling in the dead of winter, this seems like a good way. 

Public Enemy, Black Sheep, X Clan, Nov. 29 at Irving Plaza, $32.50

Now that the Reality Show That Shall Not Be Named is off the air, you can go back to being a Public Enemy fan without feeling embarrassed. Their recent output might be spotty, but live they still make songs like "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos" sound louder than a bomb. You think you could hold these guys back? You and what nation?

Men Without Hats, Nov. 30 at Brooklyn Bowl, $10

Yeah, you read that right. It's "The Safety Dance" guys. Fun fact: these dudes are still really popular in parts of Canada, and they recently released an album called Love in the Age of War even though that sounds like the name of a U2 album and not an album from the guys responsible for "The Safety Dance." I don't know. This could be fun, maybe?

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