Week Ahead in New York Music: May 14 to May 20

Ólöf Arnalds, May 14 at Rockwood Music Hall, $12

Icelandic songwriter Ólöf Arnalds makes medium sad music. When you need something that's less depressing and more "sit indoors and watch it rain while feeling a vague sense of melancholy that you can't necessarily attribute to anything," Arnalds' voice will get the job done handily. Also, plenty of artsy woman like to cover The Boss' "I'm on Fire," but Arnalds' version slow burns with the best of them.  -Michael Tedder

Beach House, May 15 at Bowery Ballroom, $30

The indie rock from this Baltimore two-piece brings to mind images of, well, a beach house: fragile, rickety, peaceful. This is a band whose staunch self-reliance shines through everything they do — they make all their own artwork and choose to work largely without a consistent drummer. Bloom, their new (excellent) album, comes out Tuesday on Sub Pop. -Drew Millard

Iggy Azalea, May 17 at S.O.B.'s, $15

Oh, Iggy Azalea. You might have seen her on YouTube, you might have seen her standing around in the background of a T.I. video, you might have read a tepid endorsement of her in "XXL," or you might have confused her for Azealia Banks. Iggy Azalea is vaguely famous, and this will be a show to attend if you kind of hate yourself but want to see something noteworthy happen in person before everyone sees it on YouTube a few hours later. -DM

Friday, May 19-Saturday, May 20, The Roots, Holy Ghost!, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Bear Hands, Hall & Oates, Peelander-Z as part of the Great GoogaMooga at Prospect Park, $249.50
I still can't believe this exists. Who in their right mind was like "yeah, let's get the greatest band in hip-hop, some anime-obsessed garage weirdos, an old-school soul guy that bleeds authenticity, some up and coming rock and dance bands, a few cover bands and top it off with Hall & Oates and a bunch of as-seen-on-TV celebrity chefs. We're not saying this is a bad way to spend an afternoon, but this is the most aggressively random concert planning by way of wall-direction throwing imaginable -MT
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