Weds: Addie Brownlee Sings Dolly Parton w. Martha Wainwright @ Living Room


If her voice puts in mind the smoky tones of Dusty Springfield, alt-country singer-songwriter Addie Brownlee calls out Dolly Parton as her biggest influence by a mile. One of Brownlee’s favorite crowd-response moments came after a set in which she’d covered a Parton song; someone came up to her and said, "My love for Dolly Parton is not ironic." (We agree. You have to own your love of Dolly Parton, in the same way you have to own your love of Neil Diamond. Irony just cheapens it.) 

So it’s no surprise that Brownlee’s January 19 show at the Living Room (which she graced last fall with a fiery performance during CMJ) is planned as a tribute of sorts to the grande dame of country on the very day the latter turns 65. Joining Brownlee at the Dolly Parton birthday party is Martha Wainwright, who appears on Brownlee’s 2010 EP East of Leaving (including the track Sea Legs, which you can download free via the link below). Aside from the fact that both women traffic in gorgeously raw lyrics and achy harmonies, Brownlee’s producer on the EP was Brad Albetta, Wainwright’s bassist, producer and husband (not in that order). 

Sea Legs – Addie Brownlee mp3 download (via Facebook) 

I Beg Your Parton: Addie Brownlee Sings Dolly with Special Guest Martha Wainwright. Wednesday January 19, 8PM at the Living Room, 154 Ludlow Street; 212-673-5179. Tickets $10 at the door.


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