Watch the ESB V-Day Weddings Live on the Web

As happens every Feb. 14, a bevy of couples will say "I Do" atop the Empire State Building. Bonus this year: ESB Live Weddingcam!

In the event's 16-year history, more than 220 couples have tied the knot at the Empire State Building's Valentine's Day event, and for about just as long, we've had questions. Are they up there on the Observation Deck, veil whipping in the icy February winds? How many guests do you get to bring? And do they all "I Do" in unison like an army platoon, or do they line 'em up and knock 'em out like the line at Gray's Papaya?

Finally, we'll get answers to these questions and more when teams up with ESB to stream the weddings live on the web. We'll get to see all 14 couples - each of whom had to submit their lurve story to be considered for NYC's most coveted mass wedding - take their first tentative steps into marriage. Plus, this year the ESB wedstravaganza gets its first same-sex couple! According to, the action gets underway at 7AM on Saturday and runs until about 5PM.

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