Watch: Harvey Eyeballs’ “Red Lines” Pocket Show

harvey eyeballs

If you'll recall, Harvey Eyeballs is the pseudonym of Bed-Stuy pop-art weirdo Fox Schwach. We've brought you a couple snippets of his frank oddities so far, but here's the first look at what Harvey might offer live.

Our own Oresti Tsonopoulos filmed what is conceivably a seance for a mustache that only JUST went missing via a disembodied hand. Funeral rite or pre-show preparation? 

This is a stripped-down version of the last track on Harvey's recent EP, This Is Your Vomit Pop.

Replacing the organ peels of the original, a harmonium squelch is provided by a mystery musician, covered in filth. Harvey's voice here is utter desperate gloss, the misspelled icing on the world's saddest birthday cake.

Red Lines - Harvey Eyeballs - Pocket Show from Oresti Tsonopoulos on Vimeo.

Get furious.

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