Bob Dylan Will Bump Your Fist If You Just Ask Around Town For Him

Getty Images

All the evidence is in this video from  the History Channel.

Via Prefix, we must first ask ourselves: How does Dylan know how to spell Chumlee? Who gives a rip - it's staggering that Chumlee has Dylan sign it to himself, Chumlee, when he knows they are trying to flip it.

Another question: Is this whole thing a setup? Did Dylan give himself a birthday present in the form of a meaningless TV spot? Or can a goof like Chumlee really track the legend down by just asking around town? (Sidenote: Much empathy, Chum.)

But perhaps the most pertinent piece of information here: Bob Dylan fist bumps. And it only took an awkward montage and a Sharpie to get one out of him.

He's come a long way since his Greenwich Village days. But I guess it is better than being thrown in jail because some jamoke cop doesn't believe that you're you.

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