WATCH: “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” By Beastie Boys


After watching the latest mini-epic video by the Beastie Boys, one cannot help to think that they were fans of the widely touted documentary Marwencol that was released last October. The film tells the tale of a man who created a World War II-era diorama in his backyard populated with dolls that interact with each other while having lives and stories of their own.

The film could be the inspiration behind Spike Jonze’s vision for the video to the Beastie Boys’ track “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win.” The track features Santigold and appeared on their latest album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two released in early May 2011.

Where the film and the video overlap is their usage of Barbie style dolls to depict a battle scene and in the Beastie Boys case it all starts out with an assassination attempt at a concert. The Beastie Boys narrowly escape the first attack before the scene shifts to a snowy battlefield where Jonze takes the liberty to tip a hat to the Vietnam War classic Platoon.

As the Beasties eliminate their adversaries, the video takes a turn for the weird when zombies begin rise from the ground hunger for the hip-hop heroes. All looks grim until their old friend the abominable snowman comes to their rescues and the track kicks back in.

The video continues on in this wacky fashion with the Beastie Boys encountering more enemies, having funny conversations while skydiving and eventually taking refuge in the sea.

Ok, I’ll shut up now. Check out the video below to see if the Beastie Boys make it out alive.  

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